S16 Strenger Tunnel

The Strengen Tunnel is a double-tube road tunnel that was built as part of the S16 Arlberg freeway. It serves the double purpose of a two-lane extension of the S16, as well being a bypass around the village of Strengen am Arlberg. Each tunnel is approximately 5,800 m long with a total of 11 cross passages. The tunnel (build 2000 to 2006) have to be adapted to regulations in case of hazard criteria’s. ECOexperts supports DPB GmbH with detail engineering, controlsystem and commissioning for the project.

Refurbishment under operation
In order to improve the safety standard of the entire tunnel system, the electrical and safety equipment was refurbished in two phases. After the modernization of one tube, the second tube, was adapted as well in a very short term. The situation that the medium voltage system of the two tubes wasn´t separated, requires special attention in planning and installation.

System Update under operation without any shutdown
Because of the operation of one tube all time, the system update of the SCADA system have do be done without any shutdown. Also the test scenarios have do be proved under operation.

Lane signalling through tunnel with LED Variable Message Signs (VMS)
All VMS are connected with a bus system and synchronized by an external trigger with other signal instruments like traffic control signals to avoid asynchrony flashing.

Upgrade of existing SCADA / PLC
High demands on security and flexibility are solved by upgrading the existing SCADA System aX4.x. All changes have to be documented.

Technical Data / Scope
Engineering, Programming, Installation, Commissioning
more than 50.000 Data Points
2 Operator Clients
14 redundancy PLC Controllers
62 ERT Stations
More than 130 traffic signals (VMS,etc)
TLS protocols to VMIS (Traffic Management System)